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Layout Selected for New Housing Development

Willow Lake city leaders voted at their March council meeting to select one of the housing layout concepts proposed by the engineering firm consulting on the "Logan Addition" project. After review and public input, the Willow Lake city council chose the layout with five large lots for new homes, with Logan Avenue being extended northwest on an angle through the new development.

The City will now move forward with having the property surveyed so the lots can be marked off. Next, the new road and utilities will be added to the site in preparation for building. The City of Willow Lake is offering a lot at no cost to anyone who will build or bring a new home into the Logan Addition area. In conjunction with this offer, Willow Lake Area Advancement is offering a cash incentive of $7,500 per-family-unit ($7,500 for a single-family home, $15,000 for a duplex) for anyone building a new home anywhere within Willow Lake city limits.

To inquire about a lot in the Logan Addition, contact Mayor Del Bratland or City Finance Officer Heidi Madsen.

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